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Thoughts from Dr. Luke: Triple Threat about Rising Flu, RSV, and COVID-19 Cases

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With few to no restrictions in place and travel and socializing back in full swing, an expected winter rise in COVID-19 cases appears poised to collide with a resurgent influenza season, with a third virus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), in the mix.

Cases of flu have begun to tick up earlier than usual and are expected to soar over the coming weeks. Children infected with RSV are already straining pediatric hospitals in several states.

“You’ve got this waning COVID immunity, coinciding with the impact of the flu coming along here, and RSV,” said Andrew Read, an evolutionary microbiologist at Penn State University. “We’re in uncharted territory here.”

Older adults, immunocompromised people and pregnant women are most at risk, and young children are highly susceptible to influenza and RSV. Many infected children are becoming severely ill because they have little immunity, either because it has waned or because they were not exposed to these viruses before the pandemic.

“As of today, we are seeing equal numbers of COVID, flu and RSV, and that’s really concerning because we are very early for flu and RSV activity. It’s going to be a rough winter,” said Dr. Diego Hijano, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The latest booster vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna were designed for the variants that dominated this past summer but not for these newer variants.

The BA.5 variant was the most immune-evasive variant until recently, but it is rapidly being replaced by others, including two that show an even greater ability to sidestep immunity. "The two new subvariants are known as BQ.1 and BQ1.1. They are both sublineages of the BA.5 Omicron subvariant and they've spread pretty quickly through the U.S. over the past couple of weeks. And if we look at the CDC data, they, combined, now account for about 17% of COVID cases here in the U.S.," according to AMA Vice President of Science, Medicine and Public Health Andrea Garcia, JD, MPH.

Thoughts from Dr. Luke

Dr. Luke recommends Meridian Energy Analysis Systems to asses how flu, RSV and/or COVID is damaging your organ energy functions. 

Meridian Energy Analysis Systems


Meridian Energy Analysis Systems

Dr. Luke highly recommends these protocols with the use of newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights.

newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights

It allows patients to achieve the results of acupuncture without the use of needles. It enhances cell growth and re-balances the cell's DNA structure.

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Nano Herbs Lights’ main functions include: 700 conditions like slowing down the aging process, cosmetic improvement, scalp enhancement, pain management, meridian organ rebalance, immune system rebalance, and energy support for cancer patients.

newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights

Dr. Luke also recommends the following protocols to support and promote better immune system, or manage chronic side effects of vaccination. These herbal supplements and nano herbs light treatment are prepared according to Dr. Luke's proprietary methods that have been developed over forty years of clinical research.

To support and promote better immune system:

1. Immuny ll, 4 Virus and Detox herbal supplements, two capsules each, 2-3 times a day.
Nano Vita Water, 10 drops mixed with 10 oz of distilled water daily
Nano Herbs Light for self-care at mouth, uvula, nose, ears, eyes, lungs, and kidneys daily


To manage chronic side effects of vaccination:

1) Take newvita’s herbal protocol for prevention: Nano vita water, Immuny ll, 4 Virus, and Detox.

2) For symptoms of headache or dizziness, joint pain and neurological symptoms, use newvita’s herbal protocol PLUS Auto Immuny ll, 4 Pain 

3) For symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and brain fog, use newvita’s herbal protocol PLUS Mega Energy, Be Happy, At Ease and Vita Brain.


Since this pandemic, Dr. Luke has seen many patients who are under these protocol for prevention and post-vaccination management. Some were tested positive with COVID. They’re able to return to work after two weeks. (We have not seen any case with rebound and long haul Covid in more than 2 years!!

By taking these measures, you are not only helping yourself but also the potential spread to friends, family and the community.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as we work together to fight this virus.

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