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Thoughts from Dr. Luke: Rebound COVID & Omicron Booster Shots

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COVID Rebound is Surprisingly Common

After the game-changing COVID-19 antiviral Paxlovid began to be used in late 2021, researchers noticed a perplexing trend. In some people taking the drug, symptoms and detectable virus vanish, only to mysteriously return days later.

One recent study found that 27% of people with Covid saw a rebound in their symptoms after they had initially improved. The study also found that 12% of people with Covid had a viral rebound1.

“We’re all seeing people who are taking Paxlovid doing really well and then suddenly they’re getting sick again,” says Michael Charness, a physician-scientist at VA Boston Healthcare in Massachusetts, who published an early description of Paxlovid rebound2.

Updated Covid Booster Vaccines

On August 31, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it has granted an emergency use authorization for Moderna’s and Pfizer-BioNTech’s updated booster vaccines, which target the BA.4/BA.5 coronavirus subvariants. The data on the updated boosters are limited, however, and the impact they will have is unclear.

Paul Offit, a vaccine researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, was one of two members of FDA’s committee who voted against asking companies to make Omicron-specific boosters. Offit states, “Current COVID-19 vaccines still prevent the most severe outcomes. If the goal is to stop infections, even updated vaccines will have little impact.”

The reason against booster vaccines it that the incubation period for COVID-19 is too short, says Offit. Unless levels of neutralizing antibodies are already high, the immune system doesn’t have time to recognize and fight off the virus in the few days between exposure and when someone sheds enough virus to infect others.

Diseases such as measles or rubella have a 2-week incubation period, which means a vaccinated person’s immune memory cells can ramp up production of enough antibodies in time to prevent them from passing it on. That’s why measles and rubella vaccines can halt the spread of those diseases, Offit says, whereas in the case of COVID-19, “even if 100% of the population were vaccinated and the virus hadn’t evolved at all, vaccines would do very little to stop transmission.”

Thoughts from Dr. Luke

After receiving numerous inquiries from medical professionals and patients about rebound, vaccination and boosters, Dr. Luke explains that when people have acute COVID, their body and immune system have to fight with the virus. This process causes the damaging of the organ's energy flow. Some people recover from acute conditions and recent test shows negative, but the residual virus is still remaining in our body and continuing damage to the organs energy. This is one of cause of rebound and long-haul Covid.

Dr. Luke recommends Meridian Energy Analysis Systems to asses how the COVID is damaging your organ energy functions. 

Meridian Energy Analysis Systems


Meridian Energy Analysis Systems

Dr. Luke highly recommends these protocols with the use of newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights.

newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights

It allows patients to achieve the results of acupuncture without the use of needles. It enhances cell growth and re-balances the cell's DNA structure.

newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights & dna

Nano Herbs Lights’ main functions include: 700 conditions like slowing down the aging process, cosmetic improvement, scalp enhancement, pain management, meridian organ rebalance, immune system rebalance, and energy support for cancer patients.

newvita’s Nano Herbs Lights

Dr. Luke also recommends the following protocols to promote optimal health for patients coping with various long COVID symptoms. These herbal supplements and nano herbs light treatment are prepared according to Dr. Luke's proprietary methods that have been developed over forty years of clinical research.

To support and promote better immune system:

1. If you are a front line health workers at high risk of exposure, or you’re planning to travel, Dr. Luke recommends getting the vaccine. And later use newvita’s herbal protocol: Immune ll, 4 Virus, and Detox, twice a day for side effects and further complete protection.

2. If you are concerned about future side effects, you can wait and see how the vaccines and boosters are working. We need more convincing data in the real-world to show its safety and efficacy. In the meantime, Dr. Luke recommends taking newvita’s herbal protocol for prevention: Nano vita water, Immuny ll, 4 Virus, and Detox.


To manage chronic side effects of vaccination:

1) Take newvita’s herbal protocol for prevention: Nano vita water, Immuny ll, 4 Virus, and Detox.

2) For symptoms of headache or dizziness, joint pain and neurological symptoms, use newvita’s herbal protocol PLUS Auto Immuny ll, 4 Pain 

3) For symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and brain fog, use newvita’s herbal protocol PLUS Mega Energy, Be Happy, At Ease and Vita Brain.


Since this pandemic, Dr. Luke has seen many patients who are under these protocol for prevention and post-vaccination management. Some were tested positive with COVID. They’re able to return to work after two weeks. (We have not seen any case with rebound and long haul Covid in more than 2 years!!

By taking these measures, you are not only helping yourself but also the potential spread to friends, family and the community.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as we work together to fight this virus.

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