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Veterinarians' and Pet Parents' Written Testimonials

veterinarian testimonials

What veterinarians and pet parents are saying about Dr. Luke and his new vita veterinary herbal supplements:


2023/01/13 Gary L.

Product(s): Stomach Ease Vet

Review: I believe it is helping my dog - he was recently diagnosed as having acid reflux. He completed a 30 day cycle of Omeprazole, and is now using Stomach Ease


2022/12/31 Norrah J.

Product(s): 4 Pain Vet

Review: My 17 year old Bull Terrier is young again. This stuff is a miracle!!

2022/11/07 Kate D.

Product(s): 4 Virus Vet

Review: Ease of use. The results are good, she seems to benefit from the product. Much more energy.

2022/11/07 Andrea L.

Product(s): Nano Vita Water Vet

Review: It is hard to tell how this works without looking into the science behind it, which I would love to see. My holistic vet recommended it for my pet’s, and a holistic doctor recommended it for people, and I trust their experience.

2022/10/05 Andrea L.

Product(s): Nano Vita Water Vet

Review: Prescribed by holistic vet. I plan to continue using this product for aging pets. I trust my vet's recommendation of this product for overall health of both people and pets.

2022/09/01 Janie K.

Product(s): Heart Ease Vet

Review: This product was recommended by my vet for my dog who has a stage 2 heart murmur. It seems to help, but she also gets several other supplements as well. She is taking 1/2 of the 500 mg capsule once daily with her food.

2020/07/08 Andrea O.

Product(s): Immuny 5 Vet, Immune Up Vet, and Immune II Vet

Review: was recommended by our vet for my 14yr old dog. immuny 5 along with immune up and immune II has made a tremendous difference in his blookwork and his overall health. am very impressed

2020/04/07 Karen P.

Product(s): Herbal Chelator Vet

Review: Top quality herbs. Recommended by holistic vet for my dogs copper storage disease. Glad to use herbs the pharmaceutical drug made her sick.