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Thoughts from Dr. Luke: Effective Herbal Treatment Correlated with MEAS (Part 2)

Posted by Dr. Luke on

Effective Herbal Treatment Correlated with Meridian Energy Analysis System
by Luke Cua. Ph.D.OMD.CA.

3. What are the twelve meridians?

The theory of the twelve meridians deals with the human body's physiological function changes, pathological changes, and also their relationship with each organ. It is one of the most vital parts of traditional Chinese medicine. Twelve meridians translate into twelve paths, twelve branches, and twelve networks, which run through our body connecting our internal organs with our external body. If a patient's meridian is abnormal, it will be shown through the electric resistance change from the relative acupuncture points. For example, if the patient's lung meridian are abnormal, Lung #4 acupuncture point's electric resistance will change. The change, whether in excess or deficiency, will be detected by the system.

4. What are the twelve important acupuncture points?

There are more than three hundred acupuncture points through the twelve meridians. But in this diagnostic system, we only use the most important twelve points. The twelve acupuncture points represent the twelve meridians. The twelve important points are called the "primary acupuncture points," which are found on the wrists and feet where the majority of the "Qi resides.

Meridian Energy Analysis System - Professional Plus

Why Choose new vita's Meridian Energy Analysis System

new vita's Meridian Energy Analysis System - Professional Plus is a safe and easy way to provide a fast, precise and non-invasive examination for your clients. It is especially designed for research institutions, doctors, and health businesses.

Meridian Energy Analysis System - Professional Plus


MEAS© combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and new technology to allow you to keep track of the secrets of human life. It prevents dysfunction early, and improves, extends and saves lives.

  • Offers a professional management database, which records client’s history and information
  • Provides analysis information on physical energy, mental-emotional states, metabolism, musculo-skeletal balance, autonomic nervous system, and the vital organs
  • Includes advice on choice of herbal therapy and acupuncture points based on results of analysis
  • Provides objective color reports for clients
  • Recommended for labs or institutions

Meridian Energy Analysis System - Professional Plus-TCM training product


  • Capable of automatically compensating for temperature and voltage fluctuation to maintain precision
  • Intelligent detection of valid meridian measurement to prevent erroneous results
  • Improved data analysis using proprietary algorithm that increases the conformity to scientific findings
  • Patent pending probe design that maintains pressure consistence within the same measurement, as well as across multiple measurements to decrease variability
  • Easy comparison of multiple previously recorded meridian measurements

If used in conjunction with new vita® herbal system, MEAS© can help you become an instant successful Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Meridian Energy Analysis System - Professional Plus- Result

To learn more about new vita's Meridian Energy Analysis System - Professional Plus, please click HERE to for details.

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