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Health Topic / Interstitial Cystitis / Promoting Optimal Health with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Are you struggling with bladder pain, urinary urgency, and urinary frequency? If so, you may be among the millions of men and women who have interstitial cystitis.

normal vs interstitial cystitis


Pain is the hallmark symptom of interstitial cystitis especially pain that worsens with specific food or drink or as your bladder fills and the pain gets better with urination. Pain may also be described as pressure and/or discomfort. You may have pain located in the lower abdominal, urethral, or vaginal area. Pain is also frequently associated with sexual intercourse. Men may experience testicular, scrotal, and/or perineal pain as well as painful ejaculation.

anatomy about interstitial cystitis

Urinary symptoms of interstitial cystitis include frequency and urgency. You may have to urinate frequently, up to 60 times a day in severe cases. Frequency may cause you to wake up more than few times a night to urinate. In early or very mild cases of interstitial cystitis, frequency is sometimes the only symptom. Urinary urgency is the sensation of having to urinate immediately, which may also be accompanied by pain, pressure, or spasms.

development of interstitial cystitis


At this time there are not many solutions for interstitial cystitis. The only FDA approved prescription medicines that doctors use today have limited results with very severe side effect. American academy of ophthalmology reported that a drug widely prescribed for interstitial cystitis for decades, now appears to be toxic and damaging to the retina. Alternative medicine often used herbal supplements and nano herbs light to promote healthy functions for interstitial cystitis patients.

alternative medicine for interstitial cystitis


Dr. Luke recommends the following herbal supplements:

Interstitial, Immuny II, and De Stone Kidney

herbal supplements for interstitial cystitis


new vita herbal supplements are made from 100% premium natural herbs harvested in America and Asia. They are manufactured in our US FDA registered facility in Los Angeles, California since 1994. They are prepared according to Dr. Luke Cua's proprietary methods that have been developed over forty years of clinical research using both traditional Chinese medicine and Nano technology.

newvita herbal supplements
new vita® promotes your health by restoring your body's physiological balance and harmony. It also improves your organ energy, slowdown aging process,and zest for life. Within a short period of time, your revitalized state should become apparent with marked improvement in your appearance, disposition, physical strength and emotional well-being.


Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please follow CDC prevention guidelines and recommendations.

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