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Health Topic / Immune System / Promoting Optimal Health with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Dr. Luke on

With the coronavirus infecting many, people are seeking to boost their immune systems. We definitely need our bodies' defenses to be as strong as possible. How can this be done?

Like the Army, the immune system is an intricate network of units, that act together to combat invaders, in this case, bacteria, viruses and other "enemies." While you may not be able to completely avoid getting sick, developing a strong and healthy immune system can be your first line of defense. Focusing on your immune health, can also help take the edge off your symptoms if you do get sick. Taking steps now to boost your immune health, can also help you fight other common bugs, such as cold or flu viruses, even cancer.

What are some ways you can promote and support your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic? Dr. Cua is offering these protocols to support and promote people's better immune system (Shop Here):

1. Immuny ll, 4 Virus and Detox herbal supplements, two capsules each, 2-3 times a day.
2. Nano Vita Water, 10 drops mixed with 10 oz of distilled water daily
3. Nano Herbs Light for self-care, at mouth, uvula, nose, ears, eyes, lungs, and kidneys daily

By taking these measures, you are not only helping yourself but also the potential spread to friends, family and the community.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as we work together to fight this virus.


new vita herbal supplements are made from 100% premium natural herbs harvested in America and Asia. They are manufactured in our US FDA registered facility in Los Angeles, California since 1994. They are prepared according to Dr. Luke Cua's proprietary methods that have been developed over forty years of clinical research using both traditional Chinese medicine and Nano technology.

new vita® promotes your health by restoring your body's physiological balance and harmony. It also improves your organ energy, slowdown aging process,and zest for life. Within a short period of time, your revitalized state should become apparent with marked improvement in your appearance, disposition, physical strength and emotional well-being.


Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please follow CDC prevention guidelines and recommendations.

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