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Thoughts from Dr. Luke: Covid-19 Boosters Confusion?

Posted by Dr. Luke on

Vaccine resisters have accused the federal government of pushing COVID-19 shots without ensuring that the benefits outweigh the risks. But what about when one of the people raising questions is Paul A. Offit, MD, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in Pennsylvania? Well, you would listen more closely. He is the most prominent supporter of vaccines in the nation. He ia also a vocal force against people who spread silly myths about vaccination.

Dr. Offit, the author of an editorial “Covid-19 Boosters - Where from Here?”, told Medscape Medical News, "I would argue, without fear of contradiction, that this is going to have no impact on this pandemic… We are still in the midst of a zero-tolerance policy for this virus. We don't accept mild illness and if we're not going to accept mild illness, we think we have to boost it away, which would mean probably about two doses every year. That's not a reasonable public health strategy.”

Dr. Offit writes in the editorial, "Arguably, the most disappointing error surrounding the use of Covid-19 vaccines was the labeling of mild illnesses or asymptomatic infections after vaccination as 'breakthroughs.' As is true for all mucosal vaccines, the goal is to protect against serious illness — to keep people out of the hospital, intensive care unit, and morgue. The term 'breakthrough,' which implies failure, created unrealistic expectations and led to the adoption of a zero-tolerance strategy for this virus."

Offit said that the focus should be on the memory cells, not the neutralizing antibodies. Memory cells last for years if not, sometimes, decades. Neutralizing antibodies, on the other hand, protect against mild illness and their effectiveness wanes after months.

After receiving numerous inquiries from medical professionals and patients about vaccination and boosters, Dr. Cua is offering the following protocols:

To support and promote better immune system:

1. If you are a front line health workers at high risk of exposure, or you’re planning to travel, Dr. Luke recommends getting the vaccine. And later use newvita’s herbal protocol: Immune ll, 4 Virus, and Detox, twice a day for side effects and further complete protection.

2. If you are concerned about future side effects, you can wait and see how the vaccines and boosters are working. We need more convincing data in the real-world to show its safety and efficacy. In the meantime, Dr. Luke recommends taking newvita’s herbal protocol for prevention: Nano vita water, Immuny ll, 4 Virus, and Detox.


To manage chronic side effects of vaccination:

1) Take newvita’s herbal protocol for prevention: Nano vita water, Immuny ll, 4 Virus, and Detox.

2) For symptoms of headache or dizziness, joint pain and neurological symptoms, use newvita’s herbal protocol PLUS Auto Immuny ll, 4 Pain 

3) For symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and brain fog, use newvita’s herbal protocol PLUS Mega Energy, Be Happy, At Ease and Vita Brain.


Since this pandemic, Dr. Luke has seen many patients who are under these protocol for prevention and post-vaccination management. Some were tested positive with COVID. They’re able to return to work after two weeks.

By taking these measures, you are not only helping yourself but also the potential spread to friends, family and the community.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty as we work together to fight this virus.

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