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Training Class Testimonials

What professionals are saying about Dr. Cua's training classes:

Dr. JoAnn. Turner, MD - The use of New Vita Herbal Products (Herbs, Nano Vita Water, and Nano Herbs® Light) produced and formulated by Dr. Luke Cua has been very beneficial to my Medical Acupuncture Practice. Dr. Cua’s TCM course was understandable and rewarding. Thank you very much for your help and knowledge. I am so grateful to you!!! Your techniques are always so good for us and my patients!

Dr. Sai-Ling Michael, DC - Glad to come and know how to use everything. Appreciate how you make the formulas and your dedication to help people and multiply your efforts by sharing with us all. Bless you!

Dr. Harold Briks, DC - I’ve been involved with the New Vita for 5 years. I’ve also had a personal in-office seminar with Dr. Luke Cua. I highly recommend them and the fantastic work of Dr. Cua.

Dr. Allen Schoen, DVM - Thank you so much! So far, we are finding great benefit with the unit. A few friends have tried it and also found quick improvement. One is saving up her money to buy one from you.

Dr. Diane Diehn, ND - Thank you for all your help. I am using the light on my horse that is lame with the autoimmunity and an  infrared camera. It is amazing to watch the results as we see the inflammation on the infrared camera disappear and then slightly reappear when he moves too much. Ultrasound in 60 days. We will keep you advised of results if good for a case study. Hope to see you in December since this has not worked out for August. Take care!!

Dr. Tamara Mariea, PhD, CCN - I have been implementing synergistic alternative healing modalities in my practice for 18 years…. We have always desired to use acupuncture in our practice but have never felt comfortable bringing in another practitioner into our environment, especially when the ONLY acupuncturist I trust or would recommend is Dr. Luke Cua and he lives 100s of miles away from us, so when I heard that HE developed the Nano Herbs Light Technology I became very intrigued and excited to use it. Now we can implement acupuncture without the needles! …The Nano Herbs Light therapy began to minimize the need to use a couple of other modalities in my practice by its’ profound impact on healing damaged cells and promoting DNA repair mechanisms to restore the DNA much faster than we had ever seen before… We are so grateful for Dr. Luke Cua, his wise ancient herbal formula’s through American Herbal Labs Inc. and now for this amazing new technology, Nano Herbs Light Therapy; it has become one of the most used and successful modalities in our clinic!

Dr. Cory Garvin, Pharm.D., FACA, FACVP.- This was a great learning experience and fits perfectly with my functional medicine approach of targeting the root cause if disease + illness and not just the cause. The course is organized in an easy to learn platform with time for hands on assessment and teaching. This will definitely impact and improve my practice! Thank you Dr.Cua!!

Dr. Kwei-Min Pan, MD, MS, FACS. Please have more training course for different topics in detail explanation and discussion. I will like to come back for different subjects. Thank you so much!

Mr. Robert Goepp- Vital practical information which is simplified and codified for ease of confident implementation to all healing arts. This system is ripe for implementation to computerize A/I reference mode/machine….

Dr. Harrison Mensah, PhD., MD. – The class was a blessing and we thank for the Love and time. May God bless you all…. I would recommend to other doctor as well.

Dr. David Son, DDS - Eye opening lecture!!! Learned so much. I need time to digest! Amazing!

Dr. Richard Chen , MD - I enjoyed the class very much. It is great how you have advanced the field of TCM by merging energy medicine with it.

Dr. Anthony Wright, DO – Excellent, eye-opening class. Dr. Cua and his wife were gracious hosts. Recommend taking the class!

Dr. Gloria Wright, DO - Enjoyed the course. I am excited to try this revolutionary approach to treating my patients’ original causes of symptoms instead of treating symptoms & not addressing the cause.

Dr. Galina Vasilyeva-Olsen, MSCM, LAc – Thank you a lot for very productive seminar. Wish to practice challenging acupuncture “Hand on” need one more day “

Dr. Mary Kenneke, DA –I am very glad we got to attend today’s class, a lot to cover in a short period of time.

Dr. Craig Janssen, DDS – Excellent course and information that is particularly helpful where conventional medicine has failed to correct underlying cause and quality of life is suboptimal.

Dr. Dan Ourada, DC – the course was very informative and extremely helpful!!

Dr. David Villarreal, DDS – Awesome class! Very integrative! Can’t wait to get my patients on these. I already take them and feeling better.

Dr. Martha Linn, DC – Thanks so much –great products, information, expertise.

Ms. Samira Naba, RDH – Loved the class –learned a lot. I will budget for nano herb light. Life is too busy right now to start using it in any practice but I do intend to do so sometimes in the next year. Also great hospitality – Thank you.

Dr. Susan Downs, MD - Organic lunch in health reason; have light on- could not see that my pen ran out, slides of CFS, depression with acupuncture points should have been on our book. I missed that whole section looking back.

Mr. Contreras Ruben- The class was very interesting. I learned a lot. It was different because has exclusive products and supplements. Suggestion. Probably more time in the class.

Ms. Molina Susan CNHP - I met Dr.Cua in D.Y. at the Functional Medicine Health Symposium. I just recently suffer a terrible bout of intestinal pain, was losing my hair and have multiple liver spots. Since using the herbs recommended, my bloating is 50% better, my hair grew back and my liver spots have lightened. I have used the herbs for a couple of months. I am humbled and grateful to be here at the training and look forward to using the herbs and machine to support my clients to optimum health. Thank you.

Dr. Norma Sanchez, ND -I’m very happy to be here at Dr. Luke Cua practices to get a lot of information about the new technology Nano Vita Water and Nano Vita Herbs.

Dr. Shirley Yanta, DC- Great Class –Learned a lot, Thank you for researching and teaching. God bless you. Keep up the great work.

Dr. Richard Porter, DVM – Great class, a lot to learn + digest but very challenging. That is good to get out of one’s comfort zone. A newsletter would be good to get every 2 months ….

Ms. Rebecca Keith FNP-C – I am so happy to have come to this conference, I fell I have learned so much valuable information on how to give my patients another option toward their optimal wellbeing. I appreciate the kind, individual attention, and nurturing I received today. Can’t wait to use these supplements with my patients. They are ready waiting. Thank you Dr. Cua and Irene!

Dr. Lori Ballinger DVM - The training class has been very enlightening, instructional. This is a very hands on class with personal attention. Dr. Cua is very patient and answers very question completely and fully. I am leaving class feeling very prepared to use the Nano Herbs Light and the herbal formulas for treating my patients. Thank you Dr.Cua.

Ms. Mary Penner, FNP- The class was well organized and interesting. The practical information was easy to learn allowing all of us in the class to gain a tremendous amount of information in one day. Highly recommended!

Dr. Dale Madison, DMD - the art and science of making the complex for less complex.

Dr. Sudha Chaudhuri, MD., FRCD - very informative!

Dr. Tapan Chaudhuri. MD., FACP., FRCD- informative meeting regarding use of nano light+ nano water, and nano herbs. Too much material to be adequately covered in 1 day.

Dr. Trurina L. Cummings, CTN., Ph.D. - I have been using the NewVita product line for a few years and I am very happy with the results, I also use the Meridian System which is a very accurate way of measuring… I highly recommend them to all healthcare professionals.

Dr. Rhonda Henry, Doctor of Nutritional Science - For the past seven plus years you have taught me so much and I will be forever grateful. Your knowledge is not found in other books. Thank you again for your patients and dedication in the field of nutritional science.

Mrs. Theresa Byran- Ozone Therapist – Better quality if herbs-less capsule, light therapy works very fast on clients. Clients are very impressive. Wonderful class – great information +wonderful presentation & lovely people.

Mr. Steven La Scala - remarkable, very informative and keeps you yearning; thinking about all the information that was discussed in class. Highly recommended and very thankful to Dr. Luke Cua.

Ms. Yadira La Scala - Very informative ,practical , enjoyed the time Dr. Luke Cua spend explaining and showing all in detailed each diagnosis. Thank you so much for your kindness and caring form both of you.

Ms. Kimberly Gonzalez – homework helped put it together, but my brain was tired to complete it so we worked as a team.

Ms. Michelle. Skok – wonderful class. It was very informative. I am looking forward to using my new knowledge of herbs and treatments. It would be helpful to have some more print out of some of the slides of the projector