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Patients Testimonials

patients testimonials

What people and professionals are saying about Dr. Luke and his new vita products:


9/18/2022 Greg

Dr. Luke, I just wanted to let you know I feel absolutely fantastic today , It 's been so long since I felt like that I just wanted to say thank you, I appreciate it more than you know.


6/11/19 Rosy V
I have arthritis on both knees. I wasn't able to walk for 7 years. I need to use walker to help me and support. With Dr. Luke's one needle Qi-Gong and acupuncture, I am able to walk without the aid from the walker.


6/12/19 Xiu L
I have arthritis on my right knee. I had difficulty walking straight, and need a walking cane to support me. I had difficulty moving up and down. With Dr. Luke's herbal supplements and treatments, I am able to walk easily without the aid from my cane. I am able to move up and down easily. 


5/6/2019 Jim G., Baldwin Park, CA

Dr. Luke is the man!  I had a nagging back injury that had been hurting me for over 4+ years due to lifting a heavy beam over my head. Dr. Luke helped get rid of the scar tissue that was causing me so much pain for many years. It took some time, but little by little he worked me through it. I'm going to be bringing my daughter to him as well. Thanks Dr. Luke


3/5/2019 Arabella J., Kagel Canyon, CA

Dr Cua is a miracle worker!!! I had a migraine headache for 27 days and had seen several neurologists and numerous expensive migraine medicines and painkillers..nothing had given me any relief. My friend had recommended Dr Cua and I was quite reluctant to go see him because he was quite far away...I am so glad I did!!! 2 days after my first visit I was headache free and am have just seen him again...he is gentle, kind and thorough..and obviously brilliant!!!!


2/1/2019 Carrie C., Enterprise, OR

I have been suffering with Endometriosis pains for two years straight. Literally pain every single day of my life! Every doctor that I have seen has either given up or simply didn't know how to help. I flew all the way from Oregon to California because I had heard of Dr Cua and was willing to try anything... Dr Cua gave me complete hope and is the first doctor to ever relieve my pain! He did various forms of Chinese medicine combined with his own practices that he intelligently designed. Not only did he give me my first pain free day in two years, but he also discovered other problems on my body that no other doctor had ever noticed before. He is attentive and won't rush you out. He spends lot's of time with you during appointments and shows genuine concern. I strongly recommend seeing him, he truly is a miracle worker!


8/10/2018 Andrew S., Murrieta, CA

For the past couple months now I've been going to Dr. Cua for my anxiety  and since then my anxiety has tremendously decreased. I have been suffering from severe anxiety now for about 6 years and of the 10 medications that other doctors gave none of them helped my condition. I feel completely safe when I take his all natural herbal medicine, there is no side effects at all. He is truly a gifted man that knows what he is doing. I literally I can not recommend him enough, he has changed my life for the better.


Name: Motti S.
Diagnosis: high blood pressure, sweating, poor sleep
Before your treatment: high blood pressure, sweating, poor sleep
The supplement that I have taken: Hypertension, Vita Sleep, Male Plus, At Ease
After your treatment: Normal blood pressure, 50% reducing in night sweat, normal sleep pattern

Name: Edgar N.
Diagnosis: can’t urinate by myself
Before your treatment: I recently have had a surgery to remove c cyst on my kidney. After the surgery, I can’t urine any more even with the water pill. I have the catheter. I saw Dr. Cua and he prescribed me with the supplements and use nano herbs light for treatment.
The supplement that I have taken: Nano vita water, At Ease, Interstitial, Nano Herbs Light treatment
After your treatment: After last treatment, I have good result. I am able to urinate.
Name: Nashan C.
Diagnosis: allergies
Before your treatment: I had bad allergies back in the Midwest. Back when I came back to LA. I would still wake up with a stuffy nose and my nose would run.
The supplement that I have taken: Hey Feaver
After your treatment: My nose is completely clean and I haven’t sneezed or had any allergies.
Name: Patrick B.
Diagnosis: knee replacement
Before your treatment: walking 100 feet with pain
The supplement that I have taken: Bone-Skin-Nail-Hair, Auto Immuny II, Nano Vita Water
After your treatment: Walking 3-4 miles without pain
Name: Angel H.
Diagnosis: Itching scalp for 2 years
Before your treatment: Acne, oily skin and hair
The supplement that I have taken: De Cold, De Itch, Immunity II, Acne
After your treatment: Less oily skin and hair, less itching scalp,
Name: Jane L.
Diagnosis: Poor sleep
Before your treatment: waking up earlier morning
The supplement that I have taken: Vita Sleep
After your treatment: Sleep deeply and can sleep lately
Name: LY H.
Diagnosis: poor sleep
Before your treatment: difficult to fall asleep. Usually had to wait 30 to 60 minutes to fall asleep.
The supplement that I have taken: Vita Sleep
After your treatment: fall asleep in 20-30 minutes. Sleep very well.
Name: HS S
Before your treatment: fatigue, can’t sleep
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy, Vita Sleep
After your treatment: sleep better, less fatigue
Name: Nathan C.
Before your treatment: I get bad mood easily. Work a bit and get annoyed an aggrated easily. This would happen especially when I was with my parents and sister.
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy
After your treatment: Although I still get annoyed, I found it easier to control my temper outbursts. These were less frequent and not as bad as before
Name: Brett J.
Diagnosis: ADD
Before your treatment: can’t listen to people talk well, shaky hands and legs, feel stressful
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy
After your treatment: All better with 50% improvement
Name: Caroline Q.
Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder
Before your treatment: depression, anxiety, mood swing, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, night sweat
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy
After your treatment: For 7 days, the above symptoms were reduced significantly. Continued treatment gets better and better.
Name: Gamona Y.
Diagnosis: hot flashes
Before your treatment: multiple hot flashes on a daily basis. Flashes included heavy sweats. Taking prescription hormone, but continued to have hot flashes.
The supplement that I have taken:  Beauty Plus
After your treatment: Dramatic decrease in severity and frequency of hot flashes
Name: Theresa C.
Before your treatment: I feel tired all the time because I work too jobs
The supplement that I have taken: Mega Energy
After your treatment: I am full of energy after taking Mega Energy, don’t feel tired like I used to.
Name: Theresa C.
Before your treatment: I have problems going back to sleep after go to the bathroom at night
The supplement that I have taken: Vita Sleep
After your treatment: I can fall asleep as soon as I go back to bed after going to the bathroom
Name: Tamara B.
Diagnosis: ADD, moody, poor concentration, fatique
Before your treatment:  wake up tired, poor appetite, severe crazy during menstrual cycle, day dreaming
The supplement that I have taken: TCM Liver Ease, Vita Brain, Pancris Ease, At Ease, Immune Up, Nano Vita Water, Nano Herbs Light Therapy
After your treatment: everything is getting better, and I don’t need to depend on medication and have better performance in school
Name: SP C.
Diagnosis: panic attack, depression, anxiety
Before your treatment: fear, can’t sleep well, cannot go back to sleep once after waking up at night, panic attack several times throughout the day, hot flashes
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy, At Ease, Pancris Ease, Vita Sleep
After your treatment: less fear, sleep soundly, less panic attack during the day, less hot flashes
Name: SP C.
Diagnosis: thyroid mass on left thyroid nodule
Before your treatment: needle biopsy, suspicious of follicular neoplasm, cell adenoma, etc
The supplement that I have taken: Immuny II, immuny 5, Pancris Ease
After your treatment: There is no morphological evidence of malignancy
Name: Artemis O.
Diagnosis: depression, anxiety attack
Before your treatment: uncontrollable crying 3 times per week, fatigue daily, poor concentration, poor memory, poor bladder control, hot flashes, poor sleep
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy, At Ease, Vita Sleep, Beauty Plus, Nice Breath, Nano Vita Water
After your treatment: no more uncontrollable crying, more energetic, able to concentrate better, able to remember things, more focus, less hot flashes, much better sleep
Name: Gustavo C.
Before your treatment: pain on upper stomach after meal for 7 years, chest pain for 7 years, abdominal pain & bloating for 2 month, poor sleep, once wake up at night need at least 2 hours to fall asleep, fatigue, depression & anxiety
The supplement that I have taken: Nano Vita Water, Kidney Ease, At Ease, Vita Sleep, 4 Prostate, DeStone-Gall
After your treatment: occasional stomach pain after meal, occasional chest pain, no more abdominal pain, no more bloating, can go back to sleep easily, no more fatigue, able to handle stress much better
Name: WY M.
Diagnosis: Hyperthyroidism
Before your treatment: fast heart rate, drastic weight loss, shaking hands, difficult bowel movement, lack of energy, poor appetite
The supplement that I have taken: Nano Vita Water, At Ease, Kidney Ease, Hiperthyroid, Hipertension, Auto Immuny II, Immuny II, Nano Herbs Light Therapy
After your treatment: normal heart rate, able to gain weight, no more shaking hands, improved bowel movement, more energetic, normal appetite

Name: M M
Before your treatment: chronic itching, poor concentration, headache once a month for 2 days
The supplement that I have taken: Be Happy, At Ease, Pancris Ease, Detox, DeItch
After your treatment: Headache is gone, able to concentrate more, itchiness drastically less than before

Name: Diane S.
Diagnosis: Hypertension
Before your treatment: lower back pain when sitting for more than 15 years, fatigue even with 9 hours of sleep, fast heart rate
The supplement that I have taken: Hipertension, Kidney Ease, Pancris Ease, Nano Vita Water, Nano Herbs Light Therapy
After your treatment: hypertension under control, normal heart rate, lower back pain reduct by 70%


3/30/2017 Kerri Z., Marina del Rey, CA

Dr. Cua is nothing short of a miracle worker!! Two years ago I injured my knee in a ballet class. I have had chronic issues ever since. Went to three western medicine docs - and no one could provide a solution. In 3 treatments my pain is gone! Dr. Cua told me he has been trained to cure nearly 10,000 different medical issues...that is one smart Doc. He also has been providing skin enhancement treatments -- and I have to tell you even the skin care specialists in my dermatologists office commented on how great my skin looks. I highly recommend him for anything that might be ailing you.


3/8/2012 A.A., South Pasadena, CA

Dr Cua is amazing. He is the best. He has cured me, cured friends of mine, helped my mom with cancer recover...... He has so many patients a yelp.com review won't help or hurt him, but the world should know he's so great!! I have been going to him for 8 years and will continue to go to him as long as I am in LA... He is a true healer and is not in the business to rob money from you!